Florists: Take Back Control

At Flower Shop Network, we realise the importance of being in control of your shop. That's why we NEVER take any commissions on orders we send you, or orders sent through your website. You have total control of your website and you communicate with the customer directly.

Still not convinced? Keep reading below to see all the great benefits we have to offer!

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Powerful Florist Websites

Mobile ready, customizable websites that showcase YOUR work! You control customer's information and you manage pricing.
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Our Network Keeps Your Interests In Mind

We are florists who understand the challenges of running a shop. Our mission is to give control back to the florists and protect their margins.

What do our members love most?
Their FSN Websites.

Packed with Features
Now with more new layouts, Flower Shop Network has the look you want for your brand and extra features, like urgency banners that encourage orders. All FSN websites are mobile-ready for ordering on-the-go.

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