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3 Easy Ways to Get Your Shop Summer Ready Nov 11, 2016 »

Spring has been fun, but now summer is upon us. Taking the time to get your store ready for the next season can go a long way towards helping your summer sales. Here are a few areas to work in to get your store in tip top shape for the summer months!

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Fun Floral Workshop Ideas Oct 21, 2016 »

Have you ever considered hosting a floral design workshop in your store? Workshops are a great way to make some extra revenue by appealing to specific crowds. Here are some fun theme ideas and tips on how to host a successful floral workshop!

Step 1: Pick an Audience

The first step in planning your event is to consider who your workshop will be targeted towards. Creating a workshop for a specific group of people is more appealing and can uniquely personalized. This is the same concept that many…

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3 Tips for Promotion World Teacher's Day in Your Shop Oct 07, 2016 »

World Teacher's Day takes place on 28 October. This is a great floral holiday, and if you have not started promoting it at your flower shop, you should!

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How Snapchat Can Work For Your Flower Shop Sep 23, 2016 »

As of April 2016 there were approximately 2,000,000 monthly active Australian users on Snapchat. This number continues to steadily increase. Snapchat is taking over the social media world and is currently the fastest growing social app and network worldwide. If you want to reach more customers, increase your sales revenue, and target a younger audience, Snapchat is the place to be.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a social media platform that allows users to send and receive photos and videos…

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How You Can Celebrate Australian Flowers Week Sep 08, 2016 »

Australian Flowers Week will begin on 17 September and last through 25 September, so you still have time to participate with your shop!

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