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Building relationships with fellow florists helps make the industry stronger.

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Sending with Flower Shop Network

Send and receive orders throughout Australia as well internationally. Our easy-to-use system even allows you to choose your preferred florist.

No Monthly Fees

Pay only a low transfer fee if, or when you send.

The Best Payout

Get a min. 80%* when you fill an order, sending florist keeps 20%. FSN does not take a cut.

Get Paid Fast

We understand cashflow is important and therefore we settle all accounts bi-weekly!

Choose Your Sending Rate

You have the option of sending and receiving orders at 80%, 90% or 100%. Receiving florists are always paid at least 80%, not 70% or 73% like wire services.

Access Hundreds of Floral Recipes

Hundreds of professionally-designed floral arrangements and designer recipes are at your fingertips exclusively online at FSNf2f.com. No specialty containers used.

Customize Your Sending

With the Preferred Florist program, you can select florists you prefer to work with when sending orders. Building relationships with fellow florists helps make the industry stronger. More about the FSN Preferred Florist Program

Sending & Receiving At A Glance

Receiving florist gets minimum 80%* of the order price; the sending florist receives 20%.

*Only pay a low transfer fee of $9.99 for Australia and other in-network countries (United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Sweden).
(All other countries $16.99.)

Receive all orders FREE.

Sending Example

$75.00 order value
You pay $60.00 (80%),
+ a $9.99 order transfer fee*
for a total of $69.99.

You keep $15.00 (20%).

*$9.99 per order for online order transmission via www.FSNf2f.com.
Phone-in orders are $12.99 per order.

Added bonus: No transfer fees for your FIRST 5 ORDERS!

Hassle-free Order Management

Settlement Statements Made Simple

Get Detailed Analytics

Control Order Handling & Cutoffs

Quality Personal Service

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