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FSN's Powerful Websites Work For You


Your customers can order directly from their smartphones!

No Monthly Fees

No more monthly hosting fees or fees to receive orders -- finally!

Fast Payments

FSN pays for orders filled every week!

100% of Web Orders

Plus delivery and tax! FSN does not take a cut of your orders.*
(*Small transfer fee of $11.00 is charged to the customer.)

Automatic Seasonal & Holiday Updates

We change your website's home page at least 12 times a year.

Smart Reminders & Feedback Requests

Reminders are automatically sent to encourage website customer reviews, and repeat business.

Control the Look of Your Website

Upload Your Own Products
Add your own beautiful arrangements. This great feature is perfect to showcase your personal designs.

Arrange Your Products The Way You Want
Arrange the product layout per page. You can also choose between a few different display sizes for the products, such as small, medium, large, and feature.

Change Product Pricing
Control the price of the products on your website. Change the price on products according to the changes in the market.

Enable and Disable Pages
Enable and disable pages to fit your needs.

Customize Meta Information
Your Flower Shop Network website comes with basic fundamental SEO meta information, but with website controls your are able to change this information, including meta keywords, meta title, and meta description.

Edit Page Content
You are able to create content on pages, and choose to place it above or below products. Personalizing your page can help the customer and the search engines -- win, win!

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